NetBet Cooperation

Z2web is well known for a long-term collaboration with Netbet Casino, which started a view years ago. In 2013, Netbet Casino was looking for an exclusive and professional web development agency who could manage their online casino with the help of an entire development process. They were in need of web experts with the capability of showing their passion into a great design and workflow. NetBet offered Z2web a try out pitch in order to develop a new and improved concept which could be used for their online casino. The pitch turned out to be a great success and immediately after the first assignment, both parties agreed on taking the partnership to the next level.

The development company is responsible for the concept, design and small adjustments of the Netbet Casino website. The project started with the concept development for a refreshing and new corporate identity, which forced Z2web to dig deep into the company history and their vision. Together with a team of 6 highly concept professionals, we reinvented the new identity of Netbet and brought it into the second stage of the project. Not only did we develop new ideas for the layout, we also focused on details such as the logo and color scheme. The second part was all about integrating the concept into a great website, which was the most challenging part of the project. Z2web selected a team of their best developers with an eye for design and small details.

NetBet Casino offers a wide selection of online casino games such as Blackjack, Slot Machines and Roulette. In order to increase the amount of players on their website, Z2web developed a strategy which is adjustable to various interests of online casino players. We made sure that the website contained a customer friendly layout, which allows players to navigate even better and quicker than usual. This resulted in an improved and comfortable surrounding for new players, who are currently still in the exploring fase. We integrated a clear overview on the homepage of the Casino portal with important categories such as Most Popular, New Games and the best selections. With a main focus on the player experience, we have created a website which is easy to use and is capable of giving players exactly what they need: an inspiring platform with the latest information, trendsetting layout and dynamic environment.

Since the start of our collaboration, we have maintained a great partnership build on trust and expectations. This is exactly the reason why NetBet Casino is still our leading client, also in all of the future assignments. Even now, Z2web is responsible for the adjustments and small developments of the entire website. Since NetBet Casino has a great popularity with many players around the world, it is important that they will keep improving their services. Z2web will always be responsible of creating new features, dynamic animations and developing unique products. We believe it is important to grow together as a business, in order to create a successful partnership and a long-term relationship build on trust.