What our clients say

Don’t take our word, hear it from our clients. Client happiness is our utmost priority.

z2web is the first web development company that we have worked with that has delivered exactly what we were asking for the first time. Our website is beautifully designed and looks better than anything we could have ever imagined. The website is easy to navigate and our customers have come to us and complimented us on how well designed the website is. This is a company that we have recommended to other companies that we work with simply because we believe that you are not going to find another web development company that can deliver a website with so little fuss and trouble.
Jeremy Thomson
CCO at SlotPrince
Our company has had a great deal of trouble in the past with other web development companies. We were having trouble getting into contact with those working on our website to let them know about some updated information. When we finally switched to z2web, it was amazing how different they were. We were assigned a contact person within the company so that we always had someone that we could turn to if we needed to speak to someone. That alone has made the entire process so easy and convenient. We love working with z2web and will be doing business with them well into the future.
Andreas Isaksson
Head of Development at Slot Tavern
Our company has never hired out to another for web design before. So when we began working with z2web, we had no idea what to expect. The lady that we met with explained the entire process to us and walked us through designing our dream website. The entire time that they were working on our website, our contact was constantly keeping us updated and letting us know how the process was going. When we suggested a small change to the finished website, they quickly fixed it without any argument or delays. Thrilled with this company! We would absolutely recommend them to others!
Jason Sterling
Owner at SlotsAndStripes
When we began designing our website with z2web, we were also interested in designing a social media site that was clearly attached to our website. The finished products were perfect. The social media site clearly was designed to be a reflection of our website and was very easy to get to from our website. By having this company design our social media site, our online presence with our customers has increased at a great rate. This was not something we expected but is something we are very happy with. Could not be more pleased with z2web!
Axel Sandsten
Social Media Manager at Mr. Green Casino
When you are looking for a company that is easy to work with and extremely professional, you cannot do much better than z2web. Their team is very well trained and they work hard to give you the final product that you are looking for. It is so hard to find companies with that level of dedication from their employees and it is clear that z2web is ahead of their competition in that regard. Whether you need help with a website or with your social media presence, you cannot do much better than z2web.
Eric Benson
Casino Manager at BGO Casino