z2web is a
web development company

It was created in Bristol about nine years ago. When we first began our company, we were a small team of three driven individuals that were determined to provide high quality services to all of those in need of top quality and unique websites to help promote their goods and services. From our team of three, we quickly began to bring in some major clients. With these clients came the need to expand our team to help keep up with the demand for our work. Eventually, we ended up with our current team of 18 highly trained individuals who all bring something new and different to z2web.


Our main focus was designing websites that are user friendly and that completely encompass all of the desires of our clients. While we still deliver these websites, we have expanded to include several other services in order to provide the most well rounded services that we can possibly provide to our clients. Our newer services include social media site design, web design and ecommerce. Having these services available makes our company more well rounded and fully able to deliver exactly the best product for all of our clients.

our products

In regards to our products and what we specialize in, we have specific team members that have highly specialized skill sets that make them invaluable to z2web as a company and to our clients. With our 18 team members, we have them divided up in several ways in order to provide you with the best experience possible.

team members

Our original three team members are in charge of handling all new clients that come to us for our work. They work closely with the client to determine exactly what the end goals are and what the vision that the client has for the website is. From there, these team members come up with a game plan. They will create a team of two to three team members for the client and explain what it is that the client wants. As this team works to create the website, the original team member will act as the go between for the client and the team.

team works

While the team works on the website for the client, they split the process up. Each individual on the team has a separate job. If the client is also wanting a social media site set up as well as a regular website, one person is dedicated solely to the social media site. They will collaborate with the others so that the two websites would be obviously connected through themes and other similar features. Those not working on the social media site would be dedicated to working on the primary website.


Those that are working on the primary website will divide up the work to be done. These team members will focus on the overall design of the website as well as what individual pages should be included. As they begin putting the site together, they will constantly be checking to make sure each part looks right on the page itself while any graphics are working properly. Once these team members are sure that the website as a whole is put together in the correct manner and is ready to be released to the public, they will inform the original team member in contact with the company.


The person in charge of contact with the client will set up a meeting with the client so that they can review the work. Any concerns they have will be addressed and any revisions that may be needed will be taken care of. As soon as the client is fully satisfied with the final product, the website will be made live so that the public will have full access to the website.


The process that we have created was designed to ensure that our clients our fully satisfied with all of the work that we do. It also helps make sure that the website that we release is completely ready for the public and that our client is happy with the final product. This process also allows for all of our team members to be extremely effective at their jobs and to put their skill set to their best use.

The process that we have developed to assist our clients is a large part of the reason that we have become so successful since our founding. As new technologies and new methods of doing the work come out, we study them closely to see if they will be a good fit for our company and our goals.

new technologies

If they are something that could be useful to us, we meet as a team and discuss how to incorporate these new technologies and new methods into the work that we are already doing.

Everything that we do, we do as a team. We want all 18 members of our team to be on the same page and to agree with what we do, how we do it and why we are doing what we are. This is the best way to help make sure everyone is both happy with their work and productive as well. Our approach to team dynamics plays a large role in why our team is so closely knit and our clients are so happy with our services to them. Our high quality services have helped to ensure that many clients come back to us many times over as they develop new needs and desires for their own businesses.

our team members

z2web loves what we are doing so far and all of our team members look forward to working with you in the future. We enjoy speaking with you to help you determine what would be perfect for your company while working with each other to make your vision a reality. Whatever services you need, our company and our team will be here to help you bring your website to life.